Jeffrey Buterbaugh, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Jeffrey Buterbaugh, PA-C

Physician Assistant
About Jeffrey

Career & Specialties

Jeff graduated from Penn State University in 2006 with his Bachelors of Science in Biology and then went straight into Physician Assistant school at Lock Haven University and obtained a Masters in Health Science in 2008.

AOI-About Jeffrey Buterbaugh

He was the only one in his class who got married and had a child during PA school. Since that time, he has always been highly motivated to do his best in his work to honor God, his wife and children. He has been an Orthopedic Physician Assistant since 2008 when he started his first position as a PA-C. He had the pleasure of treating general orthopedics and joint replacement patients at a large multi-specialty orthopedic group in Maryland for almost 13 years. He has also obtained the highest level of certification as an orthopedic PA by obtaining his Certification in Added Qualifications in Orthopaedic Surgery, CAQ-OS in 2018. This has been obtained by less than 5% of his fellow PA’s. Also, Jeff became proficient in his use of ultrasound guided injections while working as a PA and now specializes in the use of the ultrasound for injections into the hip, knee, and shoulder.

Jeff has a well rounded experience during his time as a PA treating patients for knee, hip, and shoulder issues such as meniscal tears, ligament tears, cartilage injuries, osteoarthritis, labral tears, rotator cuff tears, shoulder or knee instability, femoral acetabular impingement syndrome, as well as common sports and trauma injuries such as sprains, strains, tendon tears and fracture care. He is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and Physician Assistants in Orthopaedic Surgery and is certified in BLS and ACLS.

Practice Philosophy

Jeff’s approach to medicine is to be a good listener first, try and explain everything on a level that his patients understand, and provide a level of care that exceeds what they expect. He truly wishes to provide the best possible level of care to each and everyone of his patients. The best leaders are truly servants first, so Jeff always wants to lead by example and put the patient first. “Let each of you look no only to his own interests, but also to the interests of other” Philippians 2:4.

Jeff's Best Advice

“Use it or lose it” seems to be a very basic idea but Jeff has seen over his years of experience that the patients who function the best and maintain good pain control, keep the highest level of activity. He encourages everyone to keep moving and modify if needed but to never stop pushing themselves.

Personal Story

Jeff was born in a small town in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. He was the third out of four children but he was the only boy. His mother was born in Corpus Christi; however, his story starts in Pennsylvania. He learned quickly how to get along in a team environment because with a family of six, all decisions came down to doing what was best for the family as a whole. Additionally, as he grew up, he excelled at many different team sports and prided himself in being competitive in any sport that he tried. During this time, he first had the thought that he would enjoy working in orthopedics so he can help others to remain active through their lives. Jeff met his wife while attending Penn State University while playing recreational volleyball Friday evenings with their group of friends. They got married during his first year of PA school and now they have four wonderful children together. Even to this day, he loves being active in many different things such as playing golf, basketball, volleyball, hiking, and fishing. He still is very competitive as his family can attest to on game night.

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Jeff’s family went on a personal mission trip to Taiwan for one year during Covid and following that trip, his family decided to return to his roots and move to Texas. He looks forward to living an active outdoor life in Texas with his family. Jeff also enjoys walking his Goldendoodle named Moose. He loves a good cup of coffee in the morning and tries to cherish everyday for the blessing it is. Jeff is very excited to be living in Texas and he is proud to be part of the team at Austin Orthopedic Institute.