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Complete your continuum of care with physical therapists working directly with your physician.
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Our Physical Therapists are specialized in orthopedic care and return to sport recovery. Whether you are returning to activities of daily life or getting back to competition, your AOI PT team is here to help you achieve your desired level of function. 

Your Providers

Samantha Pittsford, PT, DPT, OCS, CSOMT, CDN

Ross Boudreaux, PTA

Miguel Perez, PT, DPT

Physical Therapy Treatment Options

Pre and Post Surgical Treatment

Our therapists work as part of your AOI surgical team. Alongside your surgeon and PA , your PT is there to help you achieve the best outcome from your procedure. Your PT will help manage preparing you for surgery as well as be with you on your road to recovery. 

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Return to Sport Rehab

Returning to a competitive or recreational sport requires knowledge beyond the average PT experience. AOI therapists are knowledgeable in the physical demand and process of returning an athlete back to their prior level of function. Your AOI PT team will work with you to get you back to sport with improved mechanics, training education, and decreased risk for future injury. Our goal is to keep you participating in the sport you love as long as possible. 

Manual Therapy

While strength and mechanics remain the number one way to restore physical health,  there is no better way to manage pain and joint dysfunction than a hands on approach. Your AOI therapists are professionally trained to perform manual therapies such as soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilizations, and neural dynamics in order to decrease pain, improve joint function, and help optimize movement quality.

AOI-Ross and Jodi

Dry Needling

When muscle and tendon tissue are slow to heal, dry needling has been shown to be an excellent treatment option. The direct application of acupuncture needles into the dysfunctional tissue will stimulate your body’s natural healing response. AOI PTs are trained to perform dry needling when this treatment option is indicated.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

The use of tourniquets to decrease blood perfusion to a limb has been shown to improve muscle strength without the need to load and potentially exacerbate and painful joints. AOI Physical Therapy uses the top BFR unit on the market (Delphi). Whether a limb is non weight bearing, recovering from a surgery, or too painful to load, BFR is an excellent treatment option to break the pain atrophy cycle. 

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AOI offers physical therapy at our Jollyville location. We are located in the same building as your AOI physician. The PT gym is located on the first floor of the Kingstone Properties building. Entrance is located on the south side of the building, adjacent to the Ladera Vista building parking lot. Park directly in front of our entrance for your convenience. 

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