Brett Robin, MD

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Brett Robin, MD

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon





Sports Medicine


About Dr. Robin

Clinical Practice & Specialties

Dr. Robin’s clinical practice is distinguished by his extensive expertise and exceptional skill in orthopedic surgery. With a focus on delivering the highest quality of care, he has honed his abilities in a range of specialties, setting him apart as a trusted orthopedic surgeon.

  • Robotic Total Knee Replacement (primary and revision)
  • Robotic and Non-Robotic Partial Knee replacement
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopy
  • Meniscal Repair
  • Complex Ligament Reconstruction/Repair
  • Cartilage Transplant Surgery
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Instability surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Computer-guided shoulder replacement
  • Complex Revision Shoulder Replacement

Sports and Trauma Injury Management

Dr. Robin’s experience in the field extends to the treatment of common sports and trauma injuries. His remarkable background includes ten years of sideline experience, where he provided immediate care to athletes at their most critical moments. This hands-on involvement has enriched his understanding of sports-related injuries, enabling him to tailor treatments that promote athletes’ swift but safe return to their respective sports.

Additionally, Dr. Robin spent eight years working at a level-one trauma center, gaining invaluable experience in managing traumatic and complex orthopedic injuries. Dr. Robin received many high-level, complex referrals at the level-one trauma center. Dr. Robin quickly became the expert for complex and high-level injuries and consulted with surrounding doctors on these cases. His expertise in this arena ensures that patients facing severe injuries receive the highest standard of care and have the best chance of regaining their quality of life.

Practice Philosophy

For Dr. Robin, every patient is treated with personalized care and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes. His broad spectrum of specialties, surgical precision, and extensive experience in sports, joint reconstruction, and trauma injury management make him a trusted partner for patients seeking orthopedic solutions that prioritize their health and well-being.

His approach to patient care sets him apart as a compassionate and patient-centered orthopedic surgeon. His philosophy revolves around ensuring that each patient receives the most appropriate care tailored to their unique needs, and he prioritizes informed decision-making to empower his patients in their healthcare journeys.

Patient-First Perspective

Dr. Robin’s practice philosophy begins with a fundamental principle: not every patient who consults an orthopedic surgeon requires surgery. He acknowledges that many patients’ conditions can improve without surgical intervention. This patient-first perspective is the cornerstone of his approach.

When elective surgeries are considered, Dr. Robin is dedicated to facilitating a thorough understanding of the risk-to-benefit ratio for his patients. He believes patients should be fully informed about their options, the potential outcomes, and the implications of their decisions.

Life Experience that Elevates Patient Care

Dr. Robin’s journey from Austin, TX, to becoming an esteemed orthopedic surgeon is as remarkable as inspiring. Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Dr. Robin’s story is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence on and off the football field.

A Champion on the Field

Dr. Robin’s athletic prowess was evident from a young age. He made a name for himself as a standout football player at Westlake High School, the 1996 5A State Champions, where he was an integral part of the team, sharing the field with Drew Brees. His dedication and skill on the gridiron paved the way for a college football career at the University of Texas Austin, where he proudly donned the burnt orange jersey as a four-year letterman. Dr. Robin’s versatility was evident as he contributed on all special teams and excelled as the third-down running back. His achievements extended beyond the field as he graduated from UT in 2004, earning that year’s prestigious title of the University of Texas Male Student-Athlete of the Year.


A Journey into Medicine

Dr. Robin’s drive for excellence led him down a different path as he transitioned from the football field to the world of medicine. He pursued his medical degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX, graduating in 2008. His commitment to helping others and his passion for orthopedics drove him to complete his Orthopedic Surgery Residency at Baylor Scott and White in Temple, TX, in 2013. His pursuit of excellence didn’t stop there. Dr. Robin sought specialized training in sports medicine, embarking on a fellowship at the prestigious Taos Orthopedic Institute in Taos, NM. This additional expertise positioned him as a trusted expert in sports medicine, particularly in complex knee and shoulder reconstructions. Dr. Robin’s “Top Doctor 2023” and “Top Doctor 2024” recognitions in Austin Monthly Magazine underscores his exceptional skill and dedication to delivering outstanding orthopedic care.

Fellowship Trained at Taos Orthopedic Institute

One of the highlights of Dr. Robin’s training was his fellowship at the prestigious Taos Orthopedic Institute. This specialized program allowed him to delve deeper into the intricacies of orthopedic surgery, refining his expertise. This experience is unique because he and his colleagues were exposed to “mountain trauma.” This involved treating high-level athletes with complex injuries, often as part of their US Ski Team physician roles. This exposure to the demands of elite athletes in high-stress situations further honed Dr. Robin’s abilities and provided him with a unique perspective on injury management and surgical solutions.

The significance of Dr. Robin’s educational and training background cannot be overstated. His time at these esteemed institutions has given him a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of orthopedic surgery, encompassing trauma, sports medicine, and joint reconstruction. This diverse training has equipped him with the skills and expertise needed to address a wide range of orthopedic issues, ensuring that his patients receive the highest level of care and the best possible outcomes.

A Commitment to Teaching and Community

Dr. Robin’s journey took a unique turn as he returned to Baylor Scott and White in Temple, serving as an Associate Clinical Professor of Sports Medicine after completing his fellowship in 2014. For seven years, he worked with surgical residents in his practice on a daily basis. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Robin dedicates his time to serving the community. He has proudly held the team physician role for notable institutions, including Belton High School, Lake Belton High School, and the 2021 NCAA Division III National Champions, The University of Mary Hardin Baylor.

Family and the Pursuit of Autonomy

Dr. Brett Robin’s steadfast belief in the importance of work-life balance, encapsulated in his favorite saying, “You can’t do a good job if doing a job is all you do, ” highlights his commitment to providing his patients with the best possible care while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. 

Outside of his medical career, Dr. Robin’s life centers around his loving family. He married his middle school sweetheart, Jenny, in 2003, just before starting medical school. They have three incredible boys: Tristan, Cash, and Briggs. The Robin family shares a deep passion for sports, with each boy actively involved in multiple athletic pursuits.

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Community Involvement

Dr. Brett Robin’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the confines of his medical practice. He firmly believes in giving back to the community locally and globally through meaningful contributions and educational initiatives.

Medical Missions: A Calling to Serve

His early involvement profoundly influenced Dr. Robin’s journey into medicine in medical missions. As a student-athlete at the University of Texas (UT), he embarked on a life-changing mission trip to Zambia, Africa, alongside his father, a respected family practice doctor in Austin. This experience ignited Dr. Robin’s passion for healthcare and reinforced his dedication to pursuing a career in medicine.

Education and Mentorship

Dr. Robin’s commitment to education extends to aspiring healthcare professionals. He finds great joy in teaching and mentoring the next generation of medical professionals. Dr. Robin actively participates in a shadowing program with students from the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), offering them valuable insights into the world of orthopedic surgery. Students have the opportunity to spend time with him in both clinical settings and the operating room, gaining hands-on experience and exposure to the field.

Furthermore, Dr. Robin recently conducted an engaging and interactive Zoom talk for UT student-athletes interested in pursuing medical careers. His dedication to inspiring and guiding future healthcare providers proves his commitment to the broader community and the future of healthcare.


Austin's Top Doctor

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Dr. Brett Robin was voted Top Doctor by Austin Monthly Magazine two years running.

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On Texas Football Podcast

Dr. Brett Robin shares his journey from collegiate football player to orthopedic surgeon on the “On Texas Football” podcast.





Sports Medicine



“Dr. Robin has treated 3 of my daughters, all for torn ACLs.  He has been fantastic at getting surgery quickly and helping them be on their way to recovery as soon as possible. He’s sports-minded and loves to nerd-out over muscles, movement, ligaments, etc. We love Dr. Robin and have him on speed-dial because I have a fourth daughter.”

Heather L.

“Dr. Robin is one who will fight for you! I went in with a mangled shoulder and not much hope with my insurance company to get a necessary surgery completed. He went above and beyond to ensure I was in good hands even through his practice transition to get me started back on my journey to recovery. From the surgery staff to his clerical, they truly listened and cared about all my needs. I would highly recommend him as an orthopedic surgeon to anyone in need in the greater CTX area! Thank you Dr. Robin for helping me along this process. I look forward to watching the final results with all Brittney (his nursing assistant) and his help!”


“Dr. Robin is very calm and caring.  He answered all my questions at the visit and answered my numerous email questions very promptly, with a phone call.   Everyone in the office is organized and professional.”

MaryAnn L.

“I would not be able to walk, without Dr. Robin. He replaced my shoulder, and now he’s replaced my hip. Would not trade for any sum of money.”

Stephanie L.