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Our providers are experienced in all fields of orthopedics, including general trauma to both the upper and lower extremities.
what qualifies as trauma?

About Orthopedic Trauma.

In the world of orthopedic medicine, trauma is characterized as any severe injury to a part of the musculoskeletal system. This includes the muscles, joints, tissues, bones, and ligaments. Ultimately, any injury that doesn’t fall under the knee, hip, shoulder, or sports injury category finds its home in orthopedic trauma.

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Fractures & Dislocations

With over 30 years of experience in the realm of orthopedics, our physicians are well versed in providing the highest standard of care for the injured patient. Most commonly, orthopedic trauma injuries consist of fractures and dislocations. Some of these require operative intervention, while others can be treated without surgery.

Post Traumatic Osteoarthritis

Many patients with a history of trauma and/or injuries around the joints can develop pain over the course of many years. Occasionally, the result of a traumatic injury is post-traumatic degenerative joint disease, or traumatic osteoarthritis. While this often occurs in mostly weight-bearing joints, it is also common to see in elbows and shoulders.

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Trauma Treatment Options

Conservative Care

Acute trauma is addressed on an urgent basis, whether that be emergency room visits, urgent care visits, same day appointments, or next day appointments. Often, as with most conditions, conservative treatment, rather than surgical intervention, is the first consideration.

Surgery for Orthopedic Trauma

Occasionally and unfortunately, depending on the injury, surgery is the best option. Post-traumatic pain and degenerative joint disease follow the same nonoperative guidelines. When intervention is required, it often involves injections, blocks, reconstruction on an elective basis.

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