The Exciting Evolution of Shoulder Replacement Surgery: A Conversation With Dr. Brett Robin

In the field of orthopedic surgery, advancements in technology have revolutionized the way procedures are performed, leading to better outcomes and faster recoveries for patients. Dr. Brett Robin, a prominent orthopedic surgeon in Central Texas, shares his insights on the exciting developments in the evolution of shoulder replacement surgery and how these innovations are transforming patient care.

A Look at the Evolution of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Historically, hip and knee replacements have garnered most of the attention in orthopedic surgery. However, shoulder replacement surgery is now receiving the recognition it deserves, thanks to significant technological advancements. Dr. Robin, who has witnessed these changes over his decade-long career, notes the dramatic improvements in both surgical techniques and patient outcomes.

“So right now is really exciting time in shoulder replacement. Just in my brief 10 year career, we’ve come a long, long ways… and now I feel like we’re at a point where shoulder replacement has finally gotten the attention it deserves,” says Dr. Robin.

Cutting-Edge Technology in Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Robin had the unique opportunity to travel to Switzerland, where he learned about and tested the latest advancements in shoulder replacement technology. This hands-on experience allowed him to see firsthand how these innovations could benefit his patients back home in Central Texas.

One of the most significant breakthroughs is the use of CT scans and augmented reality in surgical planning and execution. By obtaining a detailed CT scan of the patient’s anatomy, surgeons can meticulously plan the procedure before entering the operating room. During surgery, Dr. Robin uses smart glasses equipped with augmented reality to visualize the CT scan in real-time, ensuring precision without relying on robotic assistance.

“It’s not robotic; it’s me. I’m looking at the patient’s anatomy. I have smart glasses that show me the augmented reality,” explains Dr. Robin. This allows him to follow the plan accurately during the surgery.

The Advantages of Augmented Reality in Surgery

The integration of augmented reality into shoulder replacement surgery offers several key advantages. Traditional methods required surgeons to glance away from the surgical field to view screens, which could disrupt the workflow. With smart glasses projecting holograms directly into the surgeon’s field of vision, this issue is eliminated, allowing for continuous focus on the patient.

“The biggest advantage of this technology compared to others is the glasses…. I can keep my eye on the field of surgery the entire time,” Dr. Robin highlights.

Furthermore, the augmented reality system enhances the reliability and efficiency of the surgery. Unlike robotic systems that can fail and disrupt the procedure, the augmented reality system serves as a guiding tool that seamlessly integrates with the surgeon’s expertise. If the technology were to encounter a glitch, the surgery can continue without significant interruption.

Evolution Shoulder Replacement Surgery and Augmented Reality
“The best thing about this augmented reality is that if there is a glitch… if you lose connection is… there’s no stop in the work flow,” says Dr. Robin. “We can continue as we have in the past… without causing major delays… or poor outcomes.”

Embracing the Future of Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Robin’s enthusiasm for these advancements is palpable, and his commitment to providing the best possible care for his patients is evident. Being the first surgeon in Central Texas to implement this technology, Dr. Robin has already seen great success and positive outcomes.

“All the technology that we’re using… is all fantastic, but you do have to understand that technology has limitations,” cautions Dr. Robin. It’s a tool that helps guide the surgery, but the surgeon’s skill and experience remain crucial.

As the evolution of shoulder replacement surgery continues, patients in Central Texas can rest assured that they have access to some of the most advanced and effective treatments available. Dr. Brett Robin’s pioneering efforts and dedication to embracing new technologies underscore the promising future of orthopedic surgery.

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