Dr. Brett Robin

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Kind Words from Dr. Brett's Patients

“Dr. Robin has treated 3 of my daughters, all for torn ACLs.  He has been fantastic at getting surgery quickly and helping them be on their way to recovery as soon as possible. He’s sports-minded and loves to nerd-out over muscles, movement, ligaments, etc. We love Dr. Robin and have him on speed-dial because I have a fourth daughter.”

Heather L.

“Dr. Robin is one who will fight for you! I went in with a mangled shoulder and not much hope with my insurance company to get a necessary surgery completed. He went above and beyond to ensure I was in good hands even through his practice transition to get me started back on my journey to recovery. From the surgery staff to his clerical, they truly listened and cared about all my needs. I would highly recommend him as an orthopedic surgeon to anyone in need in the greater CTX area! Thank you Dr. Robin for helping me along this process. I look forward to watching the final results with all Brittney (his nursing assistant) and his help!”


“Dr. Robin is very calm and caring.  He answered all my questions at the visit and answered my numerous email questions very promptly, with a phone call.   Everyone in the office is organized and professional.”

MaryAnn L.

“I would not be able to walk, without Dr. Robin. He replaced my shoulder, and now he’s replaced my hip. Would not trade for any sum of money.”

Stephanie L.